September 20, 2019

Things Men Want the Most in a Wife

Web results Top Five Things Men Want the Most in a Wife

 Things Men Want the Most in a Wife
With the survey carried out by me from thousands of men, here are some of the things men deeply desire in a woman. This list of wants runs generally in the hearts of men and I advise women to concentrate and apply the points mentioned bellow:
1. He wants sexual fulfillment.
2. He wants a recreational play mate.
3. He wants a beautiful wife.
4. He wants an intelligent woman.
5. He wants someone he can trust.
6. He wants a committed home maker and builder.
7. He wants someone who is totally honest.
8. He wants respect.
9. He desires moral virtues.
10. He wants someone with a sense of humour.
11. He needs space some time to think.
12. He wants someone who can go with the flow of things.
13. He needs a woman who is independent.
14. He wants a woman who is emotionally mature.
15. He likes a woman who is playful but not wasteful.
16. He needs a woman who can motivate him.
17. He wants a woman who can try new things.
18. He wants a woman who can trust in him.
19. He wants a smart woman.
20. He wants a strong, energetic and hard working woman.



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