November 03, 2019



I cannot laugh this alone... N100 and
N1000 were best friends. One day they
had an accident and both died. On
reaching paradise entrance, Angel
allowed N100 to enter freely. So N 1000
asked. My Lord, am I not 10 times more valuable than him? How can he enter
while I'm outside? Angel answered. N100
& his siblings N50, N20, N10 always come
to Church and even during Bible studies
and prayer meetings, including midweek
services but you are always present in parties, restaurants & shopping centre, so
disappear, I don't want to see you. Pls
let's help N1000 to enter Heaven....take
him to Church Sir/ Ma N1000 is not too
much for God sake. Abeg make we try dey
put am inside offering boxes Don't read alone, 



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