November 03, 2019

Rapture Alert:By Papa Adeboye

Praise world radio rapture alert by papa Adeboye
Rapture Alert:By Papa
D end is HERE
I saw it again. This time
more scary. The end-
time is more than nigh.
It will happen like a
flash unexpected and
time shall be no more
for repentance. In my
dream, it was as if God
shut his ears. I saw
multitude of people
running into a church.
But inside that church,
screaming and shouting
everywhere; people
making utterances to
heaven. Behold it was
as if a strange spirit
entered into some
people more clearly, I
remember seeing an old
man who was beside
me whom the said
spirit entered into and
as he let out a cry, he
disappeared and few
other people. At that
point, I realised that the
rapture has taken place.
I cried the more.
Immediately, the devil
took over and started
making mockery of the
left over Christians. He
had a register of
everyone's name...At
this point, I woke up.
The end is more than
near. What breaks my
heart the most is that
many people in the
church will not make it
if Jesus comes now?
Many are unaware that
the end is near. Don't
tell me that it's
advancement in
technology or
development. If any
area of your life is not in
sync with God's word -
Repent and be
converted. If you miss
heaven you can never
miss hell...think about it.
Hell is not a pretty
place, the worst part is
that it is for
eternity...Don't keep this
message and don't get
annoyed when u receive
this just do the whole
world a favour and keep
broadcasting the
Lord Jesus coming, u
might save a lost soul.
Please rather than post
and forward senseless
messages. Send to
everyone you know. Do
the work of an
you ever wondered
what would have
happened if we treat
the Holy Bible the way
we treat our mobile
phone?And we really
can't live without it.
Only 7% will resend this
message. Don't be
among the 93% who
will not share the
message. Satan said "I
wonder how humans
claim to Love God and
disobey Him, and claim
that they hate me yet
they obey me'' do not
send later send
now,tomorrow may be
late,God bless you as
you do
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