January 04, 2020

Few business that you can start with one thousand naira and earn over N50,000 a month.


few business that you can start with one thousand naira and earn over N50,000 a month.

Everything in life is all about hard work. And hard work pays. Sometimes, we don't just wait for manner to fall from heaven, you need to work it out. That is why I took sometime to put this article together just for you.

Every body needs money, but the way we can get this money is always the problem. So in this post, you will know the kind of business you can do and earn massively. So without beating around the bush, let's get down to the business

1. Affiliate marketing. This is the easiest way, one can earn money online. It involves helping a company or seller to sell a particular product while you get paid with some little commission. So for every product been sold, you get paid for it. Example you can sign up as an affiliate marketer for jumia or konga. Here they warrants you to sell their product e.g you can sell an android phone. Example an android phone can be sold for N50,000, you might receive N500 commission.

 So how do you register?. You register by going to jumia website and register. Then write a review on it, I will insist you should add a link, then publish your review on a website or a blog.

2. Freelance writing. Free lance writing is the process of writing articles or publications either on a website, blog, magazine or any newspaper. Freelancing pays you for any write up. The good thing about it, is that it doesn't require capital. They are thousands of great websites that are in need of writers. So sign up with them and start making your cool cash

3. Event planning. In Nigeria here, we love activities especially birthdays, wedding's and conferences. So what do you understand by event planning. Event planning is the process of putting things in place and also overseeing an event.

As an event planner, your duty is to mobilize vendors e.g catering
service, canopies and chairs

4. Internet security consultant. In this place you must have a little skills of programing. The essence of it is to protect a company's data base or system from hackers.

5. Writing of resume. This is really crucial, if you are intelligent, you can help someone to write a good resume and you are paid for it.

6. Tutoring. If you will be surprise to know, there are a lots of kids and teenagers a round you, that you can even tutor e.g by organizing private lesson and you will be paid for that. Many students comes home getting confuse, not knowing what to do. So you can help and put them together
So friends don't just sit at home doing nothing, please utilize Gods giving talent in you to make a living.

Good luck. Please endeavour to share this post to your friends and families.

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