January 27, 2020

Pastor Adeboye says he left wife on the roadside during an argument

Pastor Adeboye says he left wife on the roadside during an argument 

- Pastor Adeboye has narrated the story of how he left his wife on the roadside during an argument - The pastor revealed that he parked his car on the roadside and left her there with their baby -

Adeboye said he walked a mile to a village because he did not want to argue with his wife The general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has narrated how he left his wife and baby on the roadside during an argument. The pastor shared the story to inspire young men in Christian marriages.

According to Kemi Filani News, the pastor had shared the story while giving a testimony on how he managed to retain sanctity in his marriage. The pastor and his wife, Folu Adeboye, got married at the age of 19. In his testimony, he revealed that they had both decided to disappoint people who expected their marriage to fail.

He said they made a vow never to be angry at the same time. He said they agreed that when one of them got angry the other had to keep quiet. Pastor Adeboye said they were both travelling to Lagos from Ilesha when his wife got angry about something. He said he knew his wife was right but he was also angry.

The man of God said he was driving and his wife continued to vent but he could not say anything to her because of their vow. He said when he could not take it anymore, he decided to park the car and walk away leaving his wife and child inside.
According to him, he walked back towards Ilesha and stopped at the next village after walking a mile. He said he saw someone selling fruit in the village, bought some and took to the car to his wife.



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