January 03, 2020

Rccg January 2020 Holy Ghost Service Theme: Let there be Light


January 2020 Holy Ghost Service
Theme: Let there be Light
Bible Text: Genesis 1:1-5
Preacher: Pastor E. A. Adeboye



Let there be light can be a command, an advice or a plea/request.
In Genesis 1:3, God wasn't begging, He commanded Light!

Let there be Light is a request from man to God.

Request 1: Father, Let your Light shine for me. This is because when God's light shines for you, you begin to see the invisible. 2 Kings 2:9-15.
When God's light shines for you, all your requests no matter how hard will be answered. When God's light shines for you, your destiny becomes activated.

Request 2: Father, Let your Light shine in me!
God's light shining in you means God is opening your eyes and you begin to get dreams and Revelations. Psalm 118:8. 2 Cor 12: 2-7. Let your light shine in me means you’d receive divine inspiration, you’d see solutions to problems that’ll baffle others.

Request 3: Father Let your Light shine Through You. Just like the Moon needs the Light of the Sun to shine through it to the rest of the world. When the Light of God is shining through you, it means you are ready to be a vessel to stop stagnation in the Life of other people. God's Light shining through you means, you are being used to open the eyes of others. 2Kings 14:8-17.

Request 4: Father, Let your Light shine into my Blind spot.
This means, God, at the level I am, I'm helpless, please cover for me. 2 Sam 21:15-17.

Request 5: Father, Let Your Light shine on what is hindering my little Light. God already said you are the light of the world but sometimes our little light is been covered by something. Joshua 7. There are people that are highly talented, highly educated, highly skilled but something is covering their light.

Prayer Points
1. Let your Light Shine FOR me.
2. Let your Light Shine IN me.
3. Let your Light Shine THROUGH me.
4. Let your Light Shine On my Blind Spot.
5. Let your Light shine on anything covering my light not allowing it to shine.


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