January 08, 2020



The Mountain-of-Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) is one of the Pentecostal churches In Nigeria. The church was founded by Dr. Daniel Olukoya 30 years ago.

There are things the average Nigerian out there does not know about this church and its General Overseer.

1.     Drum Set Not Used: There is no MFM branch anywhere in Nigeria where they use drum sets, including the international headquarters of the church situated behind the second gate of the University of Lagos, Akoka. According to Dr. Olukoya, the average church service on its own has a lot of distractions, adding the use of the drums would make people get carried away the more. All you would see there are other musical instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, harp etc., but certainly not the drum.

2.     Rigorous Deliverance Sessions: MFM is unarguably the only Pentecostal ministry in Nigeria with a very rigorous deliverance session. For people who are interested in taking part in the deliverance session, they are required to fast for three days without food and water. You are required to break your fast on the third day and while you are it, you are also to take part in daily night vigils from the day you start the deliverance programme. Before the year 2005, the deliverance session used to entail five days dry fast (no food or water) but was later reduced to three days.

3.     Unusual Prayer Points: The kind of prayers been uttered at the church is usually unconventional in nature. MFM is perhaps the only
church in Nigeria where you hear prayer points such as ‘’fall down and die’’, ‘’go back to your sender’’, ‘’evil arrow backfire’’, ‘’eat your flesh and drink your blood’’, the list is endless. It is now widely reported that other Pentecostal churches are now following this order of prayers.

4.     Correction Marriage: There is something in MFM called a ‘correction marriage’. This applies to couples who probably never got married officially in the eyes of the law, couples who got married while in other religions other from Christianity or even couples who have been co-habiting for some time and no dowry whatsoever was ever paid, these are the couples who would have to take part in the correction marriage. This usually takes the form of the usual wedding ceremony where there would be exchange of vows and prayers would be made for the couple.

5.      Christmas Not Celebrated: The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries does not celebrate Christmas, as the church is of the belief that Jesus was not born in the month of December. There is usually no fanfare around Christmas at MFM branches as it is customary with other churches where Christmas is celebrated amidst pomp and pageantry. Should Christmas fall on a Sunday, members of the church just go for their usual service without the specific mention of Christmas. It should be noted that while the church does not celebrate Christmas, it does believe that Jesus was born but certainly not in December.
6.     Muslims In MFM FC: The church has a football team by the name MFM FC. The football club presently plays in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), the highest football league in the country. One would have thought that the football team of a church like this would be filled with Christians but this is not so. There are a number of Muslims in that team which points to the level of unity and humility in the ministry. The football team was set up by the founder of the church with the hope of repositioning the Nigerian youths of today and moulding them into useful hands for the country.

7.     First Class Awards: Any MFM student in any tertiary institution in Nigeria or abroad that bags first class honours would get a car or monetary reward from the founder, Dr. Olukoya. When the scheme started, brand new cars were bought for these students who have distinguished themselves but as the numbers increased, the church stopped giving out cars and limited it to monetary rewards only. The year 2019 had 300 students who bagged first class honours from Nigerian tertiary institutions and abroad.



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