January 05, 2020



In my philosophy, I always say "I respect you not because of your age or your money, but because you deserve my respect", this means that it's up to you to make people respect you.

The only way to earn your respect is by building a reputable personality, which entails your character and attitude

What Then is Personality?

many scholars may define personality in their perspectives, but let me annex to it. Personalityis one's portrait. I may give the meaning in vast understanding but may still meet at the same point. may also regard personality to be a mask, what people see when ever they hear about you. It is the kind of life one lives out of watch, a life free of imposture to meet at my point of emphasis, personality can be seen as one's character and attitude!

How Then can You Make People Respect You?

The only way to make people respect and value you irregardless of your age or money is by building a good personality for your self.

If you can follow my laid down philosophies, I assure you a life of paragon at last. Below are some ways to be building your personality: 

1. Study The Life of Whom You Respect Most

The fact is that money may not be the ultimate to earn a respect, some may have money but may not deserve respect. Among people you know or with whom you associate, there must be one or more out of them that you respect most. in Igbio I always tell such person "I di m na-nso" which means I mostly regard him, I respect everything about him. Do not say that it is not good to imitate, remember a good life is a paragon, and worthy of emulation.

2.  Set Your Life Principles

It is lugubrious that many has been denied of a life principle, may be because of the environment they found their selves or other things. Remember, when you don't have a direction, any way or people's way becomes a way. Your life principle can earn you respect in a big way.

3.  Deal With Your Blemishes

Permit me to say that everybody has a fault/blemish but it takes a keen mind to identify his. Identify your blemish and continue to scrape it continuously. This may drive you towards perfection, though might not be perfect.

4.  Activate Your Cupidity For Rectitude

develop a great desire to be honest, let your yes be tenacious. Do not agree or say yes to what you cannot or you are not sure you can do.

5.  Advise, Guide and Teach People

Act as a mentor to others, advise them because when you advise, you will find it difficult to go contrary to the advice, and guess what? My high respect goes to my mentor. So when you act as a mentor or a role model to people, they have a high respect and regard for you.

6.  Be Diplomatic

A wise man studies the life of everyone he comes across. Do not step on people's toe. Respect someone's faith/lifestyle. Do not neglect any one.

7. Do Not Be Cantankerous, Accommodate People

Do not neglect your social life because there is no being without social life. Try to adjust to fit. Ignore people's fault and take them as they are.

8.  Do Not Be Officious

In any opportunity to be the head of any group, do not rule them, rather, lead them. Give to them your opinion as a suggestion not as an order.

9.  Always Express Your Self

For you to be respected, you must have your choice. Don't always take it that everything others say or do is good to you. Alright try to have your own right judgement, instead of waiting for the crowd.

10.  Be Beneficent and Magnanimous

YOU must not be wealthy before being beneficent, the little you have, always be cheerful to share with others. With the little you have, try to put smile on the faces of others especially ones you are better than.

11.  Do Not Be Over Communicative, Listen Than You Talk

Don't always be in a haste to talk or to react because when you talk much, you may say what you may regret saying. When you talk much, people might not like to listen to you even when you have reasonable thing to say.

12. Have Your Quiet Time Every Day

In each day, make out time to stay cool/quiet for some minutes and organise your Brain, think about some activities of the day and be organized and guided.

13.  Keep To Time

On any appointment, make sure to be there at least 10 minutes before the appointed time, even when you know that no body would come by then. A wise man does not have the so called African Time.

14.  Be Coordinated

You must know what you want in life and work by that every day. Do not be driven by anyone. Do not be discouraged by anyone. Every day, before you come out of your bed after saying your morning prayer, plan your events for the day, if possible, make a time table for the day before you open your door, because when you plan your day, it goes by your plans.

15.  Read Books Of Great Mind

How many books have you read in your life? How many do you read in a month/year? Reading books makes you a leader because readers are leaders! It makes you outstanding.

When you read, you must always have something reasonable to say whenever you open your mouth to talk to people. Be a lover of information, because when you know what your mates or others don't know, you make others your servants.

16.  Maintain Your Lifestyle Even in Your Secret Place

Do not live your life for any body, live your life for yourself because when you live your life for people, when they are not with you, you become a chameleon. Do not transmute with environment no matter where you find your self, try to be yourself, you will actually be known by that.

17.  Do Not Always Follow The Crowd

Remember you will become common when you do the common/usual, if you didn't stand out, you wouldn't be outstanding. Know the right part to be and refuse to stand by the majority. I'm not saying you should always detach from other people's opinions, but when ever you know the right thing be yourself even if no body is with you.

18. Review Your Life Frequently

You actually need to inquire about your life to know if you have improved. Ask people about your life, what people say about you in your absence sometimes matters. The fact is that as long as you are alive, people must gossip you. If possible, ask your closer friends to initiate a gossip about you in any gathering to know what other people will say about you. Through this, you will know the side of your life that needs to be amended .

Even Jesus Christ loves personality and did this same thing by asking his disciples " WHO DO PEOPLE SAY I AM?"

19. Do Great Things

As someone that still fights for his/her personality, try all you could not to depend wholly on people, rather, let people depend on you, I mean financially/materially. Innovatively think of ways to establish your self, stop complaining. Do great things which may be beyond people's imagination.

20.  Pray For The Grace of God

Having known the importance of your personality, to buoy up in this world, it needs to be built, but building it might be deceitful without God's grace, ask God to help you to maintain your life principle.

What Will You Stand To Gain For Your Personality?

Earning respect is just a primary benefit. Your personality makes way for you because personality is the only thing that remains when you are not present. It speaks and advertises for you.

Your beauty or connection may give you job but your personality determines whether you will retain the job. 

As a lady, beauty might give you marriage, but your personality determines if you will remain married.


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