September 01, 2020

MUSIC : Victor Chidozie aka D' Priest - Oga


MUSIC : Victor Chidozie aka D' Priest - Oga


Listen & Download : Victor Chidozie aka D' Priest - Oga Below,

Music biography/description-
'Oga' is originally an accapela pigin gospel song. But thanks to my wonderful producer, who ran a scale that struck me during the recording,and I decided to make it instrumental.
My genre of music is originally accapela, which I have been performing with a variety of groups as far back 2001.
'Oga' therefore is my first accapela music written in the year 2002. 'Oga' is an inspired song that was conceived in a time,I will call the darkest part of my life, where hope was lost, no dream of seeing the end of the tunnel.

Nothing was virtually working, I cried and cried and cried, every night I pondered why I was even ever born. I stayed hidden from everyone, all I ever imagined was suicide, so that all these troubles and challenges would have to end with my demise.
One day while pondering on my poor, hopeless state with tears dripping from my eyes. I walked out the door, without thinking of anything or what to say, looked up to heavens and these words dropped out of my mouth. Papa na you I go serve o. And the rest you know.
The video of the song would be out soonest, which would really portray the meaning and drama behind the song.

As the verse states PS 113 v 4-9 He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill.
The only person who can do this is my Oga and He is God, who would Change your story, change your matter.
My prayer for all who come across this song, is that,may the Lord God Almighty restore hope, uplift you and change your story for the best.
Life wanted to frustrate the hell of me, but in all, PAPA NA HIM BE OGA. The challenges of life doesn't change the Power or Sovereignty of our God. He remains Boss.
As you listen to this song and share with friends and family, remain blessed.

Personal biography
 I am Victor Chidozie, a song writer and God lover. Who is into accapela music and a teen teacher in the Mountain of fire and miracles ministries.

Lyrics of the song:
Papa na you I go serve ooo
Chorus: na you make life better for me
I say na you I go serve no no no
Chorus na you be my God
Eledumare na you I know
Na you make life better for me
Obanla na you I go serve ooo
Na you be oga
(3×)Papa na you I go serve o
Na you be oga

Papa God you too much ooo
Na you be oga
Odogwu na agha dike na agha
Na you be oga
Ato majayemaye alon lon
Na you be oga
Eledumeyin ala agbara giga
Na you be oga

Brother why you dey worry
Sister why you dey halla
God talk am e go do am
E go do am oooooh
Give plenty money, plenty plenty pikin ooo
Better better chop oo
Papa na you be oga
I say plenty plenty times 
Plenty plenty moments
When I dey hungry
When I dey suffer

I say e give me chop ooo better better job oooo papa na you be oga

Papa God you too much ooo
Na you be oga ah ah ah
Olo Lolo Lolo
Na you be oga
Agama turu chineke mma mma
Na you be oga
Mmamma mmamma
Na you be oga

Oya bring out paper brother start to dey write ooo as I dey dictate ooo the goodness of God ooo
E give me chop ooo better better job ooo
Papa na you be oga.

As e do am for Sarah,do am for Hannah,Jabez and Modercai
E go do am for you ooo
Change your story
Change your matter ooo

Papa God you too much 
Na you be oga
Onye neme mma you too much ooo
Onye nemee mma nara ekele you too much ooo
If no be you where i for dey
Na you be oga
Agu neche MBA okorobia dimma 1 oooo
Papa God you too much
Na you be oga

Social media handles
Facebook: Victor Chidozie D Priest
Instagram: dpriest2020

I truly and wholeheartedly want to appreciate the love, time, sacrifice and efforts of the Royal minstrels(an Accapela team)who backed me up in seeing to it that this project is a success.
I also want to appreciate my creative producer Mr Chimezie for his creative efforts and time.
Lastly I want to appreciate Mr Ibukun who played his role in the success of the song. Most importantly I want to appreciate my wife and kids who encouraged daddy to keep moving forward. 
Thank you all, may God Almighty keep blessing us all.





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